Lone Soldiers from the WG say THANKS to San Antonio!

picture of some soldiers holding the boxes!

The Religious School students from Temple Beth-El in San Antonio succeeded to put a huge smile on the faces of 45 lone soldiers from the Western Galilee!!!

The students and their families collected the money and created drawings for the soldiers. click- here.
Then, Youth Future students in Matte Asher region in the Western Galilee bought the candies and created decorated blessings for the lone soldiers. The heads of “Garin Tzabar” from Kibbutz Hanita and Kibbutz Regba gave the boxes and the blessings during the Hanukkah parties with the lone soldiers.

We want to Thank Zohar Forte the Shlicha for this great initiative!

Another fruit from this activity is that Zohar and I will be discussing the option of creating an educational Twining project between Temple Beth -El and an Israeli school in the Western Galilee. It will be the third Twining relationship between San Antonio and the Western Galilee!!!

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