Dan Lepow of San Antonio Visits the Weizmann School in Akko

Our relationship with the San Antonio community continues to grow:  Dan Lupo, head of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, Texas, and his wife, recently visited the children of the Youth Futures program at the Weizmann School in Akko.

As part of their visit the couple met with the school staff and with Youth Futures directors, mentors and the children themselves, and saw for themselves the positive impact the program has on the children.

The children even surprised the guests when they spoke confidently in English and shared their hopes to also be Youth Futures mentors some day.

The personal visits are part of the Jewish Agency’s new approach in recent years for enhancing the connection between Diaspora Jews and Israel through projects and individual visits.

Members of the Youth Futures program in Akko remarked, “The personal connection is a guarantee for a continued relations and commitment, because after all the speeches, discussions and presentations, the donors will ultimately remember the smile of the child that welcomed them.”


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