Myra Benedikt & Andy Lipkin, Youngstown visit 5 schools in the Western Galilee

By Susan Schonberger , The Jewish Journal Monthly Post of Youngstown

On January 14th, Myra Benedikt and Andy Lipkin visited 5 schools in the Western Galilee in Israel in connection with the Partnership with Israel (PARTNERSHIP2GETHER) Steering Committee meetings held in Akko, January 15-17, 2013.

These schools are partnered with schools in the greater Youngstown Area who are involved in twinning activities between students on both sides of the ocean.

Myra and Andy brought gifts from the Youngstown Schools to give to the Israeli partner schools, and brought home gifts from Israel to present to each local school. The schools visited in Israel and their partner schools in Youngstown are: Weitzman School -Twinned with Akiva Academy ORT Aliya 2, Akko -Twinned with W.S.

Guy Middle School in Liberty Savyon Kindergarten in Akko -Twinned with E.J. Blott in Liberty Galil Maaravi-Twinned with Boardman Center Middle School and Warren McGuffey K-8 Shaked School, Tivon-Twinned with Youngstown Christian School and Wilson Middle School, Youngstown. PARTNERSHIP2GETHER is a program of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish federations of North America, promoting people-to-people relationships through cultural, social, medical, educational and economic programs. This Partnership is between the 12 communities of the U.S. Central Area Consortium and Israel’s Western Galilee.

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