A Happy and Healthy Passover From the Kivunim Family!!

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela

The alternative Passover Seder at Kivunim is a tradition; this year we had an alternative to the alternative.

All 40 members of Mechinot Knafayim(Wings) participated in a Passover treasure hunt where all of the hints and answers where transmitted through SMS’s.  The participants went from point to point in cars driven by staff  (who were not allowed to participate). 

The final task was to taste charoset and name 5 of the ingredients. The winners were declared and we all gathered for a barbecue (“wings” in 4 different sauces) in Nahariya and then  we read our own Haggadah.  This year’s theme “Alternatives”-how appropriate.  

Passover is also an opportunity to share news with our friends and supporters. As always there is a lot to tell, Kivunim celebrates a decade-In the second half of 2013 Kivunim will celebrate 10 years with a Conference and a fund -raising event.  You will hear more when there is more to tell.

Kivunim opened up 3 new programs this year:
Moadonit:   an afterschool social enrichment program for 25 students, ages 12-15 who are hard of hearing and deaf at the Yagur Regional School.  The program is funded through the community services of the Department of Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Social Services. The staff includes 4 counselors all of whom either deaf or hard of hearing.  The goal:  empowerment, social skills, informal education.

Mentoring :  The program, a partnership with the Joints Israel Unlimited Platform, provides coaching and guidance for young adults with disabilities who are  unconnected with community services.  More than 15 participants have joined the program.

Supportive Housing Project

This is the second partnership with the Joint- Israel Unlimited.  The Project is led by Tali Rapport, an occupational therapist.  The goal is to build a support system for adults with various disabilities   who choose to live independently in the community.  The program includes guidance in locating a suitable apartment, guidance in adapting the apartment in terms of accessibility, connections to community based services, a counselor who specializing in training for independent living, and emergency services.  The first 5 candidates are in the process of moving into their apartments.

Euro med Conference:  In February Kivunim held its first international conference funded by the Euromed with the participation of 5 European countries and 4 Israel non-profits of the subject:  Tools for Inclusion:  The Right to Work.

Mission:  I am honored to have been chosen for the Mosaic of the Galilee Mission in April organized by Partnership2 Together.  The mission will visit 3 communities; Omaha, Ne, Louisville, KY and Canton, OH.  The Mission hopes to build and continue strengthening community ties. I am excited to meet new friends and old.

 Mosaic Visit:  This July we have the honor and pleasure of hosting the executive staff of Mosaic, a non-profit organization, who develop programs and services for people with developmental disabilities in the USA and throughout the world.  The connection was made possible by Zoe Riekes from the Partnership.  We hope to learn about each other and build a future connection.
Have a Happy, Healthy Passover!!!!!!!

From all of us at Kivunim.

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