Hafuch al Hafuch Activity in Recent Months

During the last quarter a wide variety of activities were held for the teens who come to Hafuch.

This quarter the center’s main focus is on cooperation and coexistence between teens in the Arab and Jewish sectors.

  1. In December a Sports Day event was held in Akko by the Hafuch al Hafuch Center, in which youth centers from other cities such as Nazareth, Safed, Kiryat Shmona and Kiryat Yam took part. In this Sports Day event teens competed in a wide variety of activities such as soccer, basketball, athletics, and more. The event was a great success and one could see cooperation between the Arab and Jewish teens who represented the Center with distinction and won numerous competitions.

Sports Day – Hanukkah 2012

  1. As the new year approached Hafuch al Hafuch hosted its fourth winter tournament, in which 93 chess players took part. The participating teens came from both sectors – the Arab and the Jewish. Mutual respect was visible between the participants, as well as a high level of strategic thinking and a healthy fighting spirit. The teens were able to set their political differences aside and exhibited coexistence, mutual esteem and respect.

Winter 2012-2013 Tournament – Hafuch al Hafuch Akko

3. A month ago a soccer team was founded at Hafuch al Hafuch, with an emphasis on teaching teens not only soccer but also values of mutual respect, cooperation, accepting the other, etc. The team is made up of Arab and Jewish teens who are getting to know and understand each other.  The group trains once a week and will be taking part in its first tournament next month.

Bisectoral soccer team

4. In February, as Purim approached, Hafuch al Hafuch held a huge Purim party which was attended by all of the teens who come to the center. The party was both a reward to the teens for their progress and for the emotional and educational effort they had invested in the center and in themselves, and a marketing effort aimed at attracting more teens to the Hafuch al Hafuch Center so they can get to know the place and form an impression of it.

Purim party at Hafuch

5. In March a Good Deeds Day is held in Israel, in which everyone takes part and contributes in some way to others. The Hafuch al Hafuch teens got together on behalf of the environment and went to clean the Akko beach; the teens displayed great volunteering spirit and derived much satisfaction from the activity.



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