Youth Futures Akko Trustees at Yad LaYeled & Ghetto Fighters’ Museums

Youth Futures Akko Trustees Learn About the Other through an Encounter with the Holocaust

In advance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Youth Futures Akko trustees underwent training on the topic of “the other” at the Yad LaYeled Museum, at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum. The Ghetto Fighters House encounter laid a shared groundwork of dialogue between the Arab and Jewish staff members, for learning about the other through the fate of children during the Holocaust.

The encounter with the troubling images and stories was difficult and elicited myriad emotions and feelings. On the one hand it initiated additional learning about the Holocaust and, in particular, about the philosophy of Janusz Korczak; on the other hand, the encounter taught the trustees how, as professionals, they are responsible for children, and how they could potentially help in various ways at times of crisis and distress.

The fruitful dialogue between the staff members about the meaning of the museum visit led to an understanding that, ultimately, the outrage was inflicted by “one people on another,” and that it had been done with prior planning and prejudice. Unfortunately, however, people are still trying to hurt each other today based on their group affiliations.

The tour was conducted on a volunteer basis by Tania, a Western Galilee partnership activist and volunteer, and we thank her for providing this service.

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