Youth Futures, Akko Visit Mayor Shimon Lankri Wishing Him a Speedy Recovery

Youth Futures Akko Director, Accompanied by Program Mentors and Two Children, Visit the Mayor to Wish Him a Speedy Recovery, on Behalf of all of the Youth Futures Children and Families

The Director of Youth Futures Akko, accompanied by the program mentors and two children from the Al-Amal and Gordon schools, visited the Mayor this week to show concern for his well-being and wish him, on behalf of all of the program’s children and families, a speedy recovery.

The children presented the Mayor with a collection of drawings and letters, with a dedication by Program Director Miri Krower Roth and Partnership Director Eran El-Bar.

Osher Hanuko, a sixth grader at the Gordon School, expressed get well wishes on behalf of all of the Youth Futures children, adding, “When we heard you had been hurt I was shocked, but when I found out the doctors were taking care of you I felt relieved; but I wondered why it had to happen to you.” The Mayor, who was very pleased by the visit, told the children that, despite the attempt to harm him, he would return quickly to his office and his regular duties, for the sake of the city and its residents. He stressed the importance of education for the children’s future. Akko Mayor Shimon Lankry concluded by noting that he would be happy to meet the children again in their schools, and by thanking the Youth Futures children for their gesture of concern.


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