Dr. Adam Houghton, South Bend Resident in the Western Galilee Medical Center

Western Galilee Medical Center was proud to host a clinical rotation for Dr. Adam Houghton of Partnership2GETHER community South Bend, IN. As part of his clinical rotation in his Family Practice residency, Dr. Houghton visited the hospital to get a first hand look at the ins and outs of Israeli medicine. Supervised by Dr. Arie Eisenman, Israeli Chair of the Partnership2GETHER’s Medical Task Force, Dr. Houghton was exposed to community medicine in Israel’s Western Galilee region.

As a participant of the student externship rotation, which has long since been a staple of partnership interaction between the Jewish communities of the Central Consortium and the Western Galilee Medical Center, Dr. Houghton worked in the new and fully protected Emergency Department. Having a chance to interact with his Israeli peers and counterparts, Dr. Houghton was given a unique experience in the world of Israeli medicine in one of the most diverse regions from across the entire country.

A resident at South Bend’s Memorial Hospital, Dr. Houghton was referred to this unique experience by community medical representative Dr. Vitaliy Solevetchik.  Western Galilee Medical Center looks forward to hosting more medical externships and clinical rotations from our community partners for medical, nursing, physician’s assistants and Masters of Public Health students in the future.

For more information about arranging a medical externship for you or someone in your community, contact Sara at sara.paperin@naharia.health.gov.il

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