Western Galilee Partnership Pioneers Israel Fundraising

Friends of the Partnership - 2nd Meeting

Friends of the Partnership - 2nd Meeting

The Partnership has been a pioneer in introducing the US Federation fundraising strategy to the local Partnership in Israel, with Western Galilee residents encouraged to contribute at least 18 NIS per month the Partnership in accord with the motto – “I Live here, I Give here”.

In addition to building a sense of personal responsibility to the Jewish collective in Israel and abroad, Partnership leadership believes that these contributions will reinforce giving in the US communities, whose members will see that they have a true partner with which to work.

In order to further develop giving in Israel, the Partnership has established a local “Friends of the Partnership” club composed of civic leaders embued with Zionist values. A gala dinner has been set for the coming Chanuka holiday, with noted Western Galilee singer Koby Aflalo donating his performance to the evening’s main attraction.

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