Dear Friends, Happy New Year to all of you!

David Liron and Zoe Riekes, Chairs of Partnership2Gether

For those of you unable to attend our July Steering Committee meeting in Omaha did you know that all twelve of our stateside communities were represented as well as Akko, Matte Asher and Budapest? The work was hard,  but the outcome was great. Several new initiatives were presented which are being discussed and some will be implemented. You will love this year’s Calendar of Opportunities. As you can tell, it is “business as usual” for the Partnership. We were sad to say “good bye” to Eran. We are encouraged though with the thought that he can now be one of our volunteers in the region. Judy Yuda and Eshel Fram are our temporary JAFI Directors, and  during the month of September (while Judy is on vacation), our dear Bracha will be directing us. She will be greeting all the guests that come to the region during the month and helping us “forge our way” in this temporary state of flux that we are in.

One would not know that we are in a temporary “state of flux”. The Partnership is booming with activities. This month the Western Galilee will see as many as 100 Americans when we come to Israel during Sukkot to partake in the Ballet Austin presentation at the Akko Festival. Austin is bringing a large contingency from their community and we are initiating our first time ever Partnership Communities Mission. Everyone will be together to enjoy the Ballet and the Festival.

While in the region we will be laying the cornerstone for the Damon Rose Partnership Center. As you know, the Partnership wanted to do something special in memory of Damon.  It will house the Partnership Staff offices, share space with the Akko Art Glass Center, be a meeting place for touring partnerships and will have an area for the locals to gather, chat and have a cup of coffee. Damon was a visionary regarding the Jewish peoplehood. The idea of people-to-people socializing is a vision I am certain he would approve of. Our time in the Partnership will continue to be eventful as we honor the Partnership with a reception event and the unveiling ceremony of a plaque commemorating the Partnership2Gether donation that enabled the construction of this most amazing structure. This will truly be an exciting time in the Partnership Region.

Our Partnership is “alive and well.” Thank you to all of our partners. You are an inspiration and make the Western Galilee/Central Area Consortium strong.




American Chair

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