Educational Moments + Opportunities for Your Community 2013-2014

by Eliad Eliyahu Ben-Shushan
Omaha Community Shaliach and Education Task Force Coordinator, P2G Central Area Consortium

After two months in my new home here in Omaha, I am happy to share with you the most recent Educational Moments newsletter in my new hat as a Shaliach!

Exciting and original greetings during the high holidays from one class to another is the best way to start. Here you can find a few examples of virtual blessings:

Hillel Academy from Dayton, OH sent their friends from “the Galilee coasts” in Matte Asher a short clip

… and their friends from “the Galilee coasts” responded very fast with a short “Hebrew Lesson”

A joint musical activity, which was established during last Educators Seminar in Israel between Efrat Srebro and Pam Choen, the principal of Friedel Jewish Academy in Omaha. They also bless you and your families.

Blessings to San Antonio from Shazar elementary school – sing with the kids!!!

And guess what…there are many more short clips from other schools from Israel and the consortium. If you want to enjoy them, I post them on our Partnership Facebook page the moment I get them, so feel free to friend our Partnership on Facebook – CLICK HERE and be a part of the virtual family:!

Since the New Year we can see how the programs that were finalized during the Steering Committee are being processed and promoted by the great volunteers of our task force and lead by our chairs – Megan Maurer and Avia Zimran!!!

Educational Delegation to Budapest (September 2013) – During this successful mission of Avia Zimran, the Israeli education chair, and three educators, the delegation cultivated educational twinning programs, which were born during last years Educators Seminar. The educators also strategized and created new relationships for the upcoming years. During this mission they also met with Tri Team members from the past and continued brainstorming about the involvement of the young adults in our three Partnership continents.

Teen2Teen program- Toledo, Youngstown and Israel have already started the communication between the groups. Last Shabbat, the teens from Toledo and Youngstown participated 2Gether in a shabbaton in Kalahari and this upcoming May the teens will meet face to face with their twin friends from Israel after their joint preparation process.

Advocacy2Gether – Step by step from three continents we are developing the Advocacy 2Gether programming. Active participants from the last 5 years of our Budapest connection will be strategically recruited. The goal is to create a dedicated group of young adult leaders who will initiate ways to take the involvement and programming of young adults in our communities’ one step forward.

Opportunities for your community

My visits in your community this upcoming year

I am very happy to announce that I am starting my visits in the consortiums communities as the Education coordinator- Shaliach of our Partnership2Gether. Click here for a very informative document, which was written by Jan Goldstein, regarding the varied ways your communities can benefit the most by my visit. Please be in touch with me to set a date that is best for me to come and work 2gether with the educators, lay leaders and Federation board members in your community. Together we can strengthen the educational connections and varied opportunities from our Partnership.

Students: Educational Twinning Programs

As in years past, we are working to strengthen the existing Twinning relationships and initiate new ones. We are VERY fortunate to have Miri Johnson, the new education Israeli coordinator. Miri will work with the Israeli schools- to find and maintain good matches and be the point person in Israel regarding ALL the Education Task Force programs. Miri and I will work 2Gether during the two upcoming years I am in the USA. Her e-mail for “welcome to our family” blessings is –

Families: Same Moon – Creating personal relationships between young families-
This year each community will chose only one family. The families should have the ability “pay it forward” i.e. After their book is finished, they will work with their Same Moon family to make the match for their community for (2014-2015). Ideally, this will provide a thoughtful match and serve as a guide to the new program participants. Click here for more information.

Educators: Educators Seminar-April 4th-April 11th – Do you want to host the Seminar in your community?

In the last couple of years we had meaningful educators Seminars that strengthened the Educational twinning programs. This year (2014) the Seminar will take place in the USA. The Israeli teachers will come as a group of nine educators to one community which will host the gathering with the Israeli and the American teachers. The Israeli teachers will be prepared with educational materials, workshops for- kids, educators and families. They will create an “Israel-Education Festival” right before Passover. After the Seminar, each teacher will split to his twin community in order to strengthen the connection specific to his role. If your community is interested in hosting the upcoming seminar or a twin teacher from Israel, please contact me ASAP. The dates of the Seminar will be three days between April 4th- April 11th, according to the preference of the community.

I also want to let you know that we plan that the Educators Seminar of 2015 will be in Israel on June.

College Students: Alternative Summer Break-
We want to bring seven students from your communities for ten days in July to volunteer in the Western Galilee. It will be a more connected version of the Kefiada in Israel that includes personal relationship with Israelis from Western Galilee College.

Lecturers: Holocaust Conference and workshop for lecturers from your community-
Attached is the “Call for Papers” from Dr. Boaz Cohen for the third conference of “The Future of Holocaust Testimonies” which will take place in Akko on March 25-27.

Last but not least- “The Global Day of Jewish Learning“- November 17th: A great opportunity for your community to feel united with all the Jewish world is the Global Day of Jewish Learning. From one year to another we have more representatives of our Partnership communities that participate in this initiative and we hear only good feedbacks. This year the issue is- “Creating 2Gether”. Click here for more information!

That’s it for now!
Wishing you all a wonderful Partnership year!
Eliad Eliayhu, Omaha.

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