Israel and Ghana Make Music

By Efrat Srebro

For the last 5 years Israel has been helping the early childhood education in Ghana. As part of this project, I was sent to teach 50 teachers in Accra, Ghana about my special curriculum Music That Counts.

I found out that music has a very important part in the life of the local people in Ghana. When someone is sick, they sing for his healing, when they are in trouble’ they sing, etc. Even when they clap their hands, they do it in a special rhythmic pattern.

They loved the way I integrate music into kindergarten curriculum and especially the integration of math and music. I feel that I gave my “drop” of hope for the local early childhood education system and I was proud to represent Israel.

I had some Muslim teachers and the Imam came for the opening and the closing ceremony. I documented many of the activities as I think that it is important that people in the world will recognize what Israel is doing for the third world countries and how we share our knowledge!

Please watch these videos below - Enjoy!

And the special closing ceremony…


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