Damon Rose Partnership Center: Moving Forward!

Damone Rose Partnership Center - are you IN?

Damon Rose Partnership Center - ARE YOU IN?

In late September, we laid the cornerstone for the Damon Rose Partnership Center. We will be renovating half of a historic building in Akko to create a House for the Partnership. The Partnership at long last will have an identity and place in the Western Galilee. Anyone who comes to visit will be able to meet in the DRPC, a place in Israel that belongs to you.

The architect is working on final layout for the office and community space. The community space will be a multi-functional room which can be used by the Partnerships and other local organizations.  The space will “speak Partnership” and, in addition, three Partnerships; the Western Galilee | Central Area Consortium, Nahariya | North New Jersey, and the Western Galilee | Dallas Partnerships will all office in the building.

The Partnership is sharing the building with the Akko Art Glass Center which has work space for creating glass and will have (in the future) a gallery as well.

Amigur, an auxiliary company of the Jewish Agency, will be the overseers of the planning and permit process. The hope is that the renovation can begin this summer.

The fundraising campaign is progressing and we are at $641,134 on the way to the $1M goal. This is a Partnership project and we hope to have many names of “partners” on the wall–people who have helped make this project a reality.

If you have not yet made a contribution, please do not miss this opportunity to do so!!

Your contribution can be made through your Jewish Federation.

For more details, check out the website damonrosecenter.org

Or contact Beth Zuriel at: brachazuriel@gmail.com


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