Education Moments & Opportunities March 2013

This Educational Moments newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Martha Lottman, a true partner of our Partnership from Canton OH, who passed a way last week. Her inspiration and Partnership spirit will always be with us.

Connecting Jewish communities in our U.S. Consortium to the Western Galilee is a rewarding process. Unfortunately, in a newsletter it is impossible to share the scope of our activities. It is hard to convey the ‘small’ moments, such as a conference call between two educators who are eager to start a twinning relationship, or brainstorming before missions and the excitement when group of volunteers see their hard work come to fruition.

Educational School Twinning:

Recent Holiday – If I mentioned fruits, I must relate to Tu B’Shevat. Each holiday is a platform for our educators to build a twinning program and involve the kids and their families. In our Partnership Facebook group you can see the posts of our educators celebrating the Tu B’Shevat Seder, exchanging student-made items and learning songs and dancing together from the Hava Nagila Gan initiative and more.

School Twinning – Our Twinning Program includes kindergarten classes, elementary, middle and high schools, Sunday schools, public schools and youth groups. Rather than reach out to add additional twinning classes, we have decided to nurture and support the successful 31 twinnings we have. In just a short time, we have seen the positive results from this focused attention—several of our educators have taken on meaningful volunteer roles within our Partnership (in addition to their twinning program).


Teens Mission to the Western Galilee - A successful teens’ mission from Temple Israel in Omaha, Nebraska visited the Western Galilee. Sulam Tsor students hosted the seven teens and experienced together a real Partnership! Thanks to Avia Zimran and Miri Johnson the visit was a success and now in Omaha, Temple’s teens can’t wait to host the Israeli teens this upcoming April.

Teen2Teen mission 2014 - Youngstown and Toledo teens are in the middle of their joint program with the Israeli teens in Sulam Tsor. The Israeli students will come to the states during the Israeli Memorial Day and the Independence Day. They will participate in the community events and strengthen the partnership between the teens from the THREE sides. The staff and lay leaders in the OH communities have designed and implemented meaningful programming for the participants both before and during the mission.

Teens MEGA Missiom 2015 - a wonderful idea, which came straight from South Bend! Bob Feferman and the Israeli Shlicha, Reut Oz, raised an idea of creating a mega mission for teens from all the consortium communities. We want to hear from you if your community would be interested in sending teens to Israel during 2014-2015. It will need to be planned during the winter, spring, or summer breaks. If there is going to be a request for it, we will ask the approval of the upcoming steering committee for this initiative!

Young Adults

From May 2 – May 11 Indianapolis will host the Advocacy2Gether Mission. The mission will draw and connect participants from across the United States, Budapest, Hungary and the Western Galilee in Israel. These burgeoning leaders will be trained and educated on a variety of partnership-related issues, with a concentration on how to be an effective advocate.  The mission will include experts and thought leaders on Jewish advocacy, philanthropy, Israel, anti-Semitism, Jewish identity and Jewish communal service.  The diverse group of participants will bring their respective perspective from Israel, Hungary and the U.S., allowing all to form an understanding of best practices and enjoy more fruitful collaborations for years to come.  It is our hope that these participants will help to fill the leadership void in their demographic for our Partnership.


Educators Seminar - ‘Partnership 2Gesher II’ will take place in Omaha Nebraska from April 2 - April 6. After the seminar the participants will fly to their respective twinning cities in order to build the twinning curriculum of 2014-2015. The communities that will host the educators are; Austin, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Omaha, Dayton, Des Moines and Louisville.

Eliad Eliyahu visits in your community:

My upcoming visits are-

February - Des Moines and Austin TX

March - Canton OH and South Bend

Please see contact me to invite me to your community. Next visits are planned on -

May -19th-22nd

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Thanks for reading these educational moments,

The Education Task Force of Partnership2Gether, Western Galilee- Central Area Consortium.

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