P2G Update – April 2014 / Nisan 5774

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April Update from the Western Galilee:

  • We would like to congratulate Michael Aaronson, the Israeli Partnership Co-Chair, on becoming a grandfather last week. May your family be blessed with good health and happiness.
  • Western Galilee College’s Department of Holocaust Studies hosted the third international conference on “The Future of Holocaust Testimonies” on March 25-27, 2014. Approximately 30 researchers from 11 different countries participated in the three intensive days of interdisciplinary lectures and discussions. The conference was generously co-sponsored by Partnership2Gether, Ghetto Fighter’s House Museum, Yad Vashem, and the Polish Embassy in Israel. A detailed summary of the conference will be published by the end of April.

Polish Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mr. Jacek Chodorowicz, and WGC President, Prof. Dov Dvir

  • 12 school twinning educators from Israel arrived to Omaha NE for a week of seminar with their peers from the communities. Looking forward to hear about the exciting ideas for new twinning opportunities, that will come out of this seminar.
  • Eliad Eliyahu Ben Shushan, the Education coordinator in the American side, visited Canton and South Bend communities. In his visit he met with many people from the Jewish communities of Canton and South Bend, he presented the Partnership and programming opportunities and also discussed the possibility of having a mega-teen delegation to the Western Galilee region from the communities.
  • Judy Yuda, our Partnership Director arrived in Omaha NE, to meet with Zoe Riekes, our Partnership chair, with Jan Goldstein and with Mike Silverman, Omaha’s CEO. Judy will also meet Eliad and the Israeli teachers, who are currently in Omaha. This is Judy’s first visit to one of our consortium communities and we wish her good luck and safe travel.
  • You are welcome to check out the two documentary videos of the Ballet Austin mission to the Western Galilee from September 2013. These two videos were made by the Arts & Community Task Force of the partnership. One is a short clip that tells the story of the Steve Adler’s vision and how it how it became a reality through our partnership.
  • Yochanan Kishon, photographer teacher at Sulam Tzor High School, is visiting the Indianapolis, Dayton and Louisville communities though the Artist in Residence (AIR) program of the Arts and Community Task Force.
  • This Sunday, a unique lecture by the author of the book ‘Our Holocaust’ will take place in Kibbutz Beit HaEmek, with six communities through WebEx. This lecture is the highlight of the book club program of the Arts and community task force.
  • Thank you North West Indiana Federation for donating Mishloach Manot for Lonely Soldiers in the Western Galilee. The Matte Asher Youth Futures prepared the packages for the soldiers and met with them.

Matte Asher Youth Futures prepare Mishloach Manot packages from the NW Indiana Federation.

  • Tennis Training Camps this august in Ramat Hasharon and in the Western Galilee. It would be great if we could host visitors from our communities to join this camp, and visit the facilities of the Tennis center in Akko.
  • MASA in Akko: Saving the Stones Fall 2014 Semester, Cultural Heritage Conservation and Historic Preservation. Their current application period deadline is May 15, 2014. They  have extended their early-bird discount period to April 27th. More information here.
Future missions to our partnership region:
  • May 8-16 – AIR
  • June 13-17 – Des Moines – Youth & Families
  • June 15 – Margo Fox and family from Indianapolis
  • June 18-19 – Steering Committee Pre-Meetings and visits
  • June 18 – Rabbi Shoshana and Bob Feferman congregation from South Bend
  • June 18 - GLBTQ in the Western Galilee
  • June 19 – Congregation from Louisville
  • June 19 – Finegold Family from Omaha
  • June 22-24 – Joint Steering Committee in the Western Galilee
  • July 22 - David Barrett Family from Indianapolis
If you know of individuals/groups coming to the Western Galilee please contact Heidi, at heidib@jafi.org.

Future missions from our partnership region to the communities:

  • The Hatikva Project: A delegation of military officers to the US during the memorial day for the Holocaust. The delegation will visit Canton, Dayton and Louisville.
  • Youth Delegation from Sulam Tzor High School will visit Toledo, Youngstown, Omaha and Des Moines in April.
  • Dudu Cohen: a musician, producer, and performer of children’s musical theater from the Western Galilee will the U.S. communities May 11-16.
  • Advocacy2Gether: May 2-11, 2014 – A young leadership delegation together with Hungarians to visit Indianapolis.
If your community has interesting updates, please share with us at: jan.israeljourneys@cox.net or avitalb@jafi.org
Happy Passover,

From Partnership2Gether Western Galilee | U.S. Central Area Consortium staff


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