Resource Development

Made up of four subcommittees, the Resource Development Task Force focuses on volunteer engagement, donor development in Israel, planning for mission visits, communications, publicity and marketing needs for P2G.

One of the flagships of the Partnership is hosting the community members; delegations and individuals in all age groups and exposing  them to the Partnership activities and strengthen the people to people connections. The Partnership volunteers meet and host the delegation members in order to achieve the main goal of the partnership – create a strong  living bridge between our communities members.

Are you planning a visit to the Western Galilee? Check out our Resource Guide and Partnership Manual and contact Heidi Benish, the Mission and Marketing coordinator at

This committee spreads the word of P2G and its many activities in the Central Area Consortium Communities and the Western Galilee. Our goal is to expand the awareness and to increase the circles of partners, volunteers and supporters for the various projects. Many exciting marketing pieces are available for you on this website located in the Resources. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to keep up to date on all that is happening.

Do you have a new idea or thoughts on how we can better connect with people? Contact Heidi Benish at

Are you interested in becoming more involved in the Partnership? Please start your connection by contacting your local Federation.

Our Israeli fundraising subcommittee is acting in its first year to develop infrastructure for Israeli fundraising.  The following programs have begun:

  • Monthly payment from Israeli P2G members
  • Specified one-time donations
  • Establishment of an Exclusive Members’ Club
  • Fundraising collaboration with an Israeli café chain for a special program that focuses on children and youth at risk

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