Yokneam – Megiddo Cardinal- Braves – What a year!

Jay Ross, Coach and Manager

This year has been tremendous for the Yokneam Cardinals and Braves playing in the league and tournaments. We had over 45 players from Yokneam and Megiddo participating in our programs this year.  This past July, a National Junior  team of 16 players took part, for the first time ever, in the European games held in Denmark. Our very own Benji Abramson from Yokneam made the team and went to Denmark! We are extremely  proud of his success and look forward to other players making the team in the future.

We played some games with visiting groups from St Louis and Atlanta this year and had a wonderful summer camp with almost 50 players from several areas attending. We also had the Macabbiah Games in Israel this summer and the field we play most of our games at in Maor hosted all the softball games this year for the first time. Two of our players and also my own personal children Shaina and Seth who play the viola and violin were honored to play HaTikvah at the opening ceremony of the games.

Thanks to the generosity of Temple Beit Tikvah, Roswell Georgia, our players were able to enjoy new and improved equipment.

Our greatest challenge has been finding a place to play and  practice. The Megiddo Region has provided this year a field for us to use at the Regional High School.  Our Junior Team has been able to play there so we do not have to travel as much as in previous years.  We have recently been granted with an opportunity to have our own field in Midrahk Oz Moshav which is also in the Megiddo Region. The Moshav has offered us land large enough not only for Baseball, Softball and Soccer, but also for American Football.  We are working with the Israel Softball Association who has built other fields in the past. Between the Moshav, the Regional Council and donations from abroad we are hoping to be able to start using the field next year. We are looking forward to the coming year and expanding as opportunities arise to bring our Sister Cities closer together through sports.


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